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Breastfeeding: The special bond between a mom and her baby!

Posted: February 22, 2017
By: Dr Rubin and interns

The connection between a mother and her child is truly fascinating. The process of bonding occurs both during pregnancy and after delivery. While in the womb, immune cells travel from the mother to her baby through the placenta which boosts the baby’s immune system to protect the baby against bacteria and viruses. After birth, immune cells are transmitted through breastmilk!  What a brilliant idea!

Did you know that breast milk is customized according to the sex of the baby? Furthermore, did you know your breastmilk is specially formulated to be exactly what the baby needs ALL THE TIME? Breast milk is a complete food for the baby and the benefits of breast milk extend way beyond nutrition. Most people don't know that breast milk changes every day based on signals from the baby. So the mother will make the immune cells that provide the baby with natural immunity to exactly what illnesses the mom has been exposed to. 

-    Studies have shown that breastfed babies have a lower risk of developing ear infections, pneumonia, diarrhea and have a lower incidence of chronic conditions later in life such as diabetes, Crohn´s disease and asthma.

-    Mothers who breastfeed have a lower incidence of postpartum depression and are more likely to get back to their pre-baby weight. Studies also show a lower incidence of women who develop breast and ovarian cancers later in life

-    How about the cost? breastfeeding is completely FREE!! On average, families who use formula spend around $1,700 every year on formula alone. Nutrition plus immune system boosting plus bonding between mom and baby.  Cost: $0.  Value: Priceless.


The Power of Posture

Posted: February 20, 2017
By: Saniya Sarfani & Dr. Rubin

The activities you do daily have a remarkable affect on your posture. Posture is just as important as eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping! Your posture is an essential aspect of your well being. Having good posture decreases your chances for neck and back pain.  With the correct positioning of your spine, you are likely to have less stress on your body. With the less pressure on your spine, you are also likely to breathe a lot better!

So what are some everyday things you can improve on? Sitting is one. We are always asked to sit up straight since we were kids, but slouching was just so much more comfortable. Over time we realize the effects it has on us. Sitting at a desk, for example, incorporates the posture of every part of your body. An average human head weighs about 12 pounds! So if you are sitting at a desk looking down at a computer or book, your neck also bends, and the weight on your spine increases! This posture leads to rounded shoulders. To improve this posture, try sitting up straight, with your feet flat on the floor and have what you are working on elevated to eye level!

When poor posture leads to having rounded shoulders, it also decreases your ability to breathe properly. You may not notice this immediately because the change in your posture occurs gradually and your body tries to do its best to adapt to it. Before you know it, restricted breathing becomes part of everyday occurrence without it being evident. If you bring your shoulder blades back together and sit up straight, your ribcage will be able to expand more, giving your lungs a higher capacity to move. Practice this every day and you will be on your way to a better posture!

There are many things that can affect your posture day to day, but improving the way you sit will get you a step closer to a proper posture and a better you.

What is Chiropractic?

Posted: February 6, 2017
By: Dr Drew Rubin & Londee Haines

Many people believe that chiropractic is about neck pain, back pain and headaches.  However, here at RFC we know that chiropractic is so much more!

Here at RFC we see a lot of children and from the outside, this may seem a little extraordinary to some people.  These kids aren’t coming in because they are in pain, but rather to have their nervous system’s checked for what we call Subluxation!

Subluxations are misalignments in the spine that affect the nerves exiting those between those bones, causing decreased communication from the brain to the body.  These subluxations are often painless, but may cause a dysfunction in the body, not allowing the brain to communicate with the rest of the body as well as it possibly could!

Let’s look at this model of subluxation to help us understand!



When a spinal bone has moved out of alignment, causing the nerve exiting the spine to work less than 100%.  The interesting thing is,the nerve exiting the spine sends messages to glands, tissues and organs in the body.  Depending on the area this nerve may go to, the heart, the digestive track or even the immune system can be affected.  This is why it is essential to get your entire family checked for vertebral subluxation.  Here at RFC we want your brain and your nervous system functioning at 100% so the rest of your body is at it’s best!  We call this the safety pin cycle!  Thanks Dr. Anette Sorensen for the great drawing!