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Haiti-Dominican Republic Trip by Mary Falardeau, student intern

Posted: January 20, 2014
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
Allow me to introduce myself: I am Mary Falardeau, a student intern at Dr. Rubin's office.  This past month, I was fortunate enough to travel for 10 days to Haiti and the Dominican Republic with 65 chiropractors, chiropractic students, assistants, patients, and family members. This group represented Mission Life International, run by Drs. Peter Morgan and Gary Deutchman from New York. Their organization aims to bring chiropractic to people of less fortunate regions, and to enrich the lives of children in these areas. Mission Life International runs an orphanage for approximately 24 young children, some of which became parent-less after Haitis devastating earthquake in 2010. The orphanage is unique in that it provides children with chiropractic and a vitalistic education, teaching English and Spanish.
During the first half of my trip, the days in Haiti were spent traveling to various areas of the city of Ouanaminthe, setting up chiropractic tables and offering chiropractic care to all those who wanted it. This was an incredible experience, because as soon as the portable adjusting tables were opened and set-up, people flocked to the scene for care. There was an understanding that we were there to help. People recognized that chiropractic is safe, gentle, and a natural method of healing. Despite the language barrier, there was so much love, warmth, and appreciation among the people. Mothers brought their children and confidently aided them onto the table or put their babies in the doctors arms. They innately knew the power of the adjustment, and what amazing life changes could result.
One location that we visited was termed the Mud Village. It was there that hundreds of people lived in small huts made of sticks, dirt floors, and tin roofs. The road throughout the village was all dirt, causing a dust to cover everything when the wind blew. There were piles of garbage throughout the walk to the town center, with animals and children eating whatever they could. The people had no shoes, some of the children wore clothes, and some had none. They didnt have much, but when they saw us trekking through their neighborhood with chiropractic tables in hand, the children had big smiles on their faces and began to dance and jump for joy.
The children were my favorite part of the trip. Some of them were so eager to hop onto the table that they fought to claim their spot among the crowd by placing their face in the face hole first. The children were so happy to receive love and a warm touch, and for being active, young children, they easily remained calm and still for the adjustment. They were so open to receive what we were there to provide, and to watch their smiles grow after each interaction just made my heart melt. When their turn was over, it was amazing to watch them immediately encourage their friends or siblings to lie on the table. They would also mimic the adjustments on one another, by placing their hands on each others backs and gently down their spines, which each party was happy to oblige.

It was so incredible to see these people embrace the adjustment, and spread the chiropractic message among their community. They were all so absolutely beautiful, and I will never forget every smile, hug, and high five that warmed my soul. 
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