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A Happy, Healthy Halloween!

Posted: October 31, 2012
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
As those of you that came to our Fourth Annual Halloween Bash last Friday know, Rubin Family Chiropractic loves Halloween.  It's that one day a year when you can let your inner superhero or princess show on the outside (without raising any eyebrows, that is)  However, Halloween can also lead to sugar highs and tummy aches if not handled carefully.  Here are a few things to consider in order ensure both a happy and a healthy Halloween:

  • If you wouldn't want your children eating it, think twice about handing it out to the neighbors kids.  Remember, you get what you give - so put forth the very best!  Consider skipping the more processed candies for something made with organic ingredients.  Yummy Earth makes some of the tastiest organic lollipops around; they're what we like to give out at our office and can be found at Whole Foods.  Perhaps consider giving snack packs of Annie's graham bunny's or other non-candy treats that can be found at your local organic food store.  They might be a little more expensive, but think of it as planting an idea in the heads of other parents who see your treats as they are sorting through their children's pillow cases later!
  • Maybe skip handing out food all together! Now, you don't have to be the dreaded "House on the Block that Gives Out Pennies" - you could be the awesome family that gives out new Halloween pencils, or packs of crayons, or other small toys.  A whole variety of handouts can be found at the dollar store and you'll have the benefit of standing out amongst a sea of chocolate.  Plus, it'll last more than 30 seconds once the kiddos get home!
  • If you absolutely can't bring yourself to give up on the idea of handing out standard Halloween candy, do your research as to which types are the "least unhealthy", and try to limit the amount that each trick-or-treater takes
  • When your own ghouls and goblins come home, try to limit the candy intake per day.  If possible, perhaps offer an exchange - 25 cents per piece of candy they are willing to part with. Or trade the candy for a healthier variety like those described previously.
  • As to what to do with all of those leftover treats?  Many dentists offer free toothbrushes and other goodies in exchange for candy you turn in.  There are always food pantries to donate to - not that we want the less fortunate to be stuck with low-nutrient food, but it's hard to justify even candy going to waste when it could brighten someone's day.
What ever your decisions around the holiday are, remember it's about having fun and being safe! Feel free to stop by in costume today - we love to see our patients enjoying the holiday!
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