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ADHD/Autism? Call Atlanta's Best Pediatric Chiropractor!


ADHD/Autism?  Looking for a natural approach?  Try Metro Atlanta’s most experienced, board certified pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Drew Rubin.  Improvements with sensory integration, communication, eye contact and immune system are possible using gentle chiropractic care, neurological exercises, and dietary modification.  See these research papers authored by Dr. Rubin:  

Click Here for Polyvagal Theory Article

Click Here for Primitive Reflexes Article

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 Chiropractic for children with Autism or ADHD is safe and effective.  Don’t put it off another day. Call or click today!

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Kids are sicker and have more behavioral issues today than ever before. Asthma, Allergies, Autism and ADHD actually effect 1/3 of all American children!  Why?  Toxic overload, explains author and pediatrician Dr.Ken Boch. Too much bad food, harmful chemicals, exposure to viruses, and in 2016, a massive increase in toxic screen time on phones and tablets.  There is a way out of this mess, and gentle, safe and effective pediatric chiropractic by Atlanta’s most experienced, most published, board certified pediatric chiropractor might be the path you and your family are looking for.  He speaks internationally about taking care of special needs kids, teaching other chiropractors how to create the results he sees in his office! Try chiropractic today for a better tomorrow!

Multiple Issues Resolved Testimonial :
“As we continued with chiropractic care at Dr. Rubin’s office and exercises at home, I could see the improvement in my daughter as she was getting better in her coordination and motor skills, finally able to catch up with her age mates. She initially could not run a sprint without stumbling or catch a ball from the air. Some of the things we take for granted like watching something move from our left side to right side, she had learned to cope with but now was getting easier for her. She also had trouble reading and writing and would get headaches after about three or four minutes. Now she enjoys reading and writing and doing crafts that require fine motor skills and anything else her little mind conjures up. Now she has no limits, none.”      --SK