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Ten Weeks of Wellness - Week 8: Get Some Sun!

Posted: February 27, 2013
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
Welcome to Week 8 of our Ten Weeks of Wellness! We hope your feeling more energized since cutting out some gluten from your diet and that your are starting to see that making diet changes, while difficult, is not impossible.  This week, with spring time on the horizon, we'd like you to get a little extra sun!

Week 1 (Jan. 7): Posture Pod Exercises
 Week 2 (Jan. 14): Sleep
Week 3 (Jan. 21): Affirmation
 Week 4 (Jan. 28): Caffeine
Week 5 (Feb. 4): Walking
Week 6 (Feb. 11): Random Acts of Kindness
Week 7 (Feb. 18): Gluten Free
Week 8 (Feb. 25): Sunshine and Meditation
Week 9 (Mar. 4): Dairy Free
Week 10 (Mar. 11): Gratitude

Sunshine is a vital part of leading a healthy lifestyle.  Many of you have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - a condition marked by increased feelings of depression in the darker months of winter.  This is theorized to be the result of decreased vitamin D production, which typically occurs when sun shines on the skin causing a complex reaction to occur through out the body.  Vitamin D levels can be managed with diet as well, but getting a little mid-day sun is always best.  Go out, sans sunscreen, for just enough time to turn your skin a little pink.  For some that might be just a couple of minutes, for others it can be a little longer.  Just this much time in the sun is enough to start the chemical cascade to boost your mood!

In the winter and on rainy days there are other ways to boost your mood (while making sure to consume vitamin D in your diet or with supplements)  Just take a couple of moments (5-10 to start) to sit in a quiet room and focus on your breathing.  Taking deep, steady breaths is a good way to reduce stress and anxiety.  Pick a word that is positive and embodies a state you're looking to achieve, and focus on it.  Whenever your mind starts to wander, just return your focus to this word. Or ask Dr Rubin about the Heart Math program he has been studying.  It's a little device the size of a cell phone that measures your heart rate and can tell when you are 'in tune' or 'out of touch' by the pace of your heart.

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