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Cranial Work

What is it?

Cranial Work is a chiropractic technique involving gently adjusting the bones of the head to "balance" the cranial mechanism.  Often during pregnancy or the birth process, these cranial bones can become stressed and not return to their normal shape after the baby is born. 

The cranial mechanism is one that is essential for life itself. If all of the bones in your head quit moving, you would soon perish. As long as you are alive, the bones in your head should gently oscillate.


How does it work?

 The normal cranial mechanism expands and contracts around 8 times a minute. In other words, your head expands and contracts much like your rib cage during breathing cycles. The cranio-sacral rhythms are vital to the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and down the spinal column.

This mechanism of cranial motion is present at birth and the birthing process is essential to set up its rhythm.  The bones of the skull literally compress and relax as the child is going through the birth canal.  If the forces of labor, for whatever reason, overwhelm one part of the cranium, this might cause a flattening on one side.  This in turn can create a bulging on a different bone on the opposite side.  Some of these changes can be quite noticeable; you might be able to show your chiropractor the problem areas.  Other malpositions can be very subtle and only detected by a trained chiropractor.  

We work to restore the normal movement of the cranial bones by providing a very gentle pressure to specific points on the head.  This allows the sutures and cranial bones to re-align and allow the cerebral spinal fluid to flow normally.   

The Birthing Process

In light of what we just covered, you may think that any cesarean delivery would be ok and a vaginal delivery might be the one with problems.  However, either can create cranial abnormalities. The problem for the vaginal birth arises in the intensity and duration of the uterine contractions during the birthing process. Contractions that are too intense or too relaxed are not the best.  C-sections might result in cranial issues since a child who generally needs a c-section was either stuck too long in one position or may have been breech or transverse, which strained their little heads and necks. 


Can Cranial Work Help?

If your child has any of the following, Cranial Work may help.  

• Facial Asymmetry

• Plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly

• Torticollis or Unexplained Irritability

• Repetitive ear infections

• Colic or gastro-esophegeal reflux/GER


“Look past the exterior and see there is so much more within.  Then decide to unleash that potential to the fullest.”
-Lincoln Patz


What Parents Are Saying

“He’s an excellent chiropractor, and his work is literally life changing.”

“It truly is remarkable when you discover something new and actually see results.  Thank you Dr. Rubin.”

“Dr. Rubin has been so patient and gentle with my son and he has really warmed up to getting adjusted.  Dr. Rubin really takes an interest in us and invests himself in our health.”

“He is great with families and children really love him.  He adjusts all ages and is specially certified to work with children.  I wish I was lucky enough to have seen him my whole life just like my daughter has!”

“Dr. Drew does a wonderful job.  He is thorough and listens and always explains what exactly he is doing.  His staff is great and the office is very family friendly.  I highly recommend this chiropractic office. “ 


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My Son’s Story
“Hands down the best pediatric chiropractor in Atlanta.”
I cannot even begin to explain what an amazing impact Dr. Rubin has had on my now 7 month old son. We began seeing him when my son was just 3 months old at the advice of a good friend who had Dr. Rubin as a professor at Life University.  The transformation was almost instantaneous!  
With his adjustments, cranial work, and good advice (switching him to hypoallergenic formula) he turned my once colicky baby into the happiest baby on the block!  Not only was he diagnosed with severe acid reflux by his pediatrician but also torticollis and developing plagiocephaly (flat head).  
Thanks to Dr. Rubin he now has complete range of motion in his neck and is completely free of acid reflux.  The pediatrician could not even detect plagiocephaly at his last visit.
Dr. Rubin has worked wonders with our son and has made loyal patients of our whole family.  We have never felt better!  Thanks Dr. Rubin!”  
“Hands down the best pediatric chiropractor
 in Atlanta.”

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