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Disruptive Pediatrics

Posted: March 7, 2023
By: Dr. Drew Rubin

Disruptive pediatrics: What is that? It is a different way of thinking about kids health care.

It is a patient first concept, where we create an environment and care plans based on each individual child. We examine their strengths and their weaknesses during the child’s first visit and determine which of three categories they are placed in.  By creating these specific categories we're able to give them very focused care, focused on that particular child's needs. We assess the child's brain and nervous system and then create a blueprint or a roadmap with very specific recommendations in terms of types of adjustments, types of home exercises and types of dietary suggestions.   

No one child is the same. Whether that child has Autism, ADHD, ear infections, colic, developmental delays, nursing problems…every child is different. So every child gets their own specific care plan.

Most practices in healthcare are very ‘cookie-cutter’ in nature. You go in, they do the same thing to every single person during their examination, regardless of what their issue is, and then spit out the same recommendations to every single person.  Not an office that is involved with disruptive pediatrics!  We are committed to making sure your child gets laser focused health care based upon what they need. And every 10 visits, we will do a re-examination to change that focus based on the child's improvements.

Welcome to disruptive pediatrics!


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