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Choose Life- Chapter 3

Posted: December 4, 2008
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
Chiropractic Can Change Your LifeIve Been Asthma-free Since 1984!

The question was asked of me recentlyWhy should I go to a chiropractor? Im afraid of them hurting me. Ive also heard that sometimes you end up feeling so good that you have to come back for the rest of your life.
Heres my answer: I was once in your shoes, not knowing what chiropractic was. I was a patient first, before I became a chiropractor, because of years of horrible asthma. I got a few hours relief from inhalers, and that was it. That was no way to live.
During my first visit to the chiropractor in the summer of 1984, I was shaking like a leaf for two reasons. Number one, because I was so scared, based on all the notions of what I thought chiropractic might be. Number two, because of all the asthma medication I had been on for years and years and years. You see, nothing had helped me in the fifteen years previous to my first chiropractic adjustment. This was my last ditch effort to save my life. I had given up hope and figured Id just have to take pills and puff on inhalers for the rest of my days. I feared the day Id forget my inhaler and die somewhere alone.
This chiropractor that my mother dragged me to gave me hope. For the first time in my whole life, someone actually gave me hope. He said, Maybe we can help you, then asked, If the master communication system isnt working at a hundred percent, how could you? He said if chiropractic reconnected me with the glorious healing power that is within me, that I could watch my life change right before my eyes. My first chiropractor challenged me, stating: You can walk out of here and never come back and always wonder, what if, or you can give chiropractic a chance. If it works, if a miracle occurs, you could have a whole different life, a whole different destiny.
Whoa. That was a unique way of looking at things. A lot more positive than I was used to. Then my first chiropractor said the most profound sentence anyone has ever said to me: If you keep on doing what youre doing, youll keep on getting what youre getting. If you want something different, youve got to do something different.
Zoinks! Talk about a paradigm shift. I never thought of that before. I had been taking drugs for 15 years, expecting something to change, but now there was a new thought: If the drugs hadnt gotten rid of my asthma for 15 years, they probably werent ever going to! That was profound!
I gave chiropractic a chance. He told me my lungs knew how to breathe but they were not getting a hundred percent of the message from my brain. He said anything less than a hundred percent is not enough for Gods perfection. God wants us to be healthy, but we cant be healthy if we have interference with the master communication system.
And lo and behold, my asthma began to disappear after three months of chiropractic adjustments. Its been 25 years now since my last asthma attack. Thats 25 YEARS!!! Every breath I take is a good one, because I am living at a hundred percent due to chiropractic care. Nobody can take that away from me. I am no longer dependent on drugs, or inhalers, or anything. I am dependent on God within to heal me. And, dear reader, all I ask for is a chance to allow chiropractic to do the same thing with you and your family.
You may ask: Does that mean youve been getting adjusted for 25 years? Yes, I have been getting regular chiropractic adjustments now for 25 years and will do so for the rest of my life. It is the same as dieting or exercisingonce you get to your ideal weight or have the perfect figure, do you say, Ok, now I can stop all that dieting and exercising! No---you keep it up to maintain the new you that you have become! You can always be healthier! You can always get stronger! Make those deposits and your bank account will continue to go up!
What have you got to lose? Especially with the gentle version of chiropractic that we offer, using the Activator Adjusting Instrument. It is the mildest, calmest way to receive a chiropractic adjustment (check out for more information). What would your life be like if you got your health back, and then your life back? Dont live the what if. Live the now. Its time to go for it. Live the chance that chiropractic could be the thing that is the catalyst for your reconnection to living at 100%. As I always say, if you havent tried chiropractic, you havent tried everything. Positive thinking was the first key in the Choose Life Plan, and Chiropractic is the 2nd key. Stay tuned next month for number 3.
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