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Expecting? Mom-to-be soon? You owe it to yourself to read 'Ina May's Guide to Childbirth'!

Posted: March 5, 2024
By: Dr. Rubin & Mariah Wenglewski

There are so many incredible books to help prepare mothers and fathers for parenthood. Many of them express what you cannot or should not do. In "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" she provides a comprehensive book written by Ina May Gaskin, one of the world’s most prominent midwives. Her book helps redirect the mother’s mindset to things she can do by focusing on natural childbirth.

The book provides a holistic approach to childbirth, emphasizing the body's innate ability to give birth and the importance of mental and emotional preparation for labor. Gaskin shares beautiful birth stories from her experiences at The Farm, a midwifery community she co-founded in Tennessee, which highlights the positive outcomes of natural childbirth.

These optimistic birth stories are a refreshing, new outlook for mothers that may not have been exposed to this side of birth from the media and other outside factors. This allows the mother’s mindset to shift from fear to empowerment.  She further discusses various techniques for coping with labor pain, including relaxation, breathing exercises, and the use of water during labor. Additionally, the book addresses common medical interventions and their potential risks, empowering women to make informed choices about their birthing experiences. "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" encourages women to trust their bodies and embrace the transformative experience of childbirth.

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