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Autism rates rise again!

Posted: March 30, 2023
By: Dr. Drew Rubin

The latest statistics from the CDC released in March of 2023 show that the Autism rate has once again increased from 1 in 44 in the 2020 study to 1 in 36 in the 2023 study. The overall Autism prevalence per 1000 children was an average of 27.6 and it ranged from a prevalence of 23.1 in Maryland to 44.9 in California. The overall male to female prevalence ratio was 3.8 (in other words, 3.8 more Autism seen in those born as males than those born as females), with an overall prevalence of 43 out of 1000 among boys and 11.4 out of 1000 among girls.

When I was a child, the autism rate in the 1960s was one in 10,000. The autism rate around the world has gone up almost 800% since then. A practice member asked me yesterday, “why this was happening? Where's all this coming from?” 

My answer was: the neurotoxicity of the world. We see more Monsanto based food…grown with GMO’s, artificial chemicals, flavors, preservatives and colorings. We see our water polluted, our air polluted, and our minds polluted not just by the incredible volume and  inauthenticity of the stuff that's on the internet, but also by the electromagnetic frequency waves (EMF’s) that are blasting into our cell phones, iPads, and laptops, or even worse, directly into your brain through the air pods and earbuds that have an unbroken connection into the temporal lobe of your brain!

The real problem isn't that the Autism rate has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 36. The real problem is that ALL brain related issues have skyrocketed, from Autism to ADHD to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in adults. What's wrong with our brains is the neurotoxicity… what's right with our brains is that we can try to alleviate some of the stress that this neurotoxicity is causing through things like chiropractic care, and nutrition, proper supplementation, regular exercise, and calming techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and Yoga.  Time to take care of our brains!


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