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Mama, Maintain Your Power, or Keeping Strong During Pregnancy & Birth

Posted: December 4, 2018
By: Dr. Drew Rubin & Olivia Miller

“It is no coincidence that the first and often greatest cause of nerve system stress in our society, the birth process, is also where women’s intuitive powers have been squelched the most.” -Jeanne Ohm, DC

As a mother of three wonderful tiny humans, I have had three different birthing experiences in which I deeply felt the attempts to “squelch intuitive powers” by well-meaning loved ones and health care professionals. Many times I was able to stay strong because I confidently knew that my choice was the right one for our family. Other times, I caved because I didn’t know what, if any, other options were available. Through each pregnancy, I became stronger in my boundaries and more knowledgeable about choices that families should make as they welcome the newest member.

This weekend was an empowering, healing one for me as mother first and chiropractor second. Jeanne Ohm, DC is one of the leaders of the chiropractic profession in perinatal care, and she shares her knowledge worldwide. I’m grateful she came to Atlanta just two weeks before I graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Her Webster Technique Certification seminar trains chiropractors in the specific adjustments that can be used for anyone experiencing misalignments within the pelvis. She also inspires the doctors to better educate and empower their communities for safer, easier pregnancies and births.

At the seminar this weekend, we discussed the three main concerns medical professionals have about the birthing process. According to the Williams Obstetrics, the training manual for obstetricians: The mother’s uterus may not have the power or proper strength to push the baby to appropriately dilate the cervix for delivery; the mother’s pelvis may be improperly shaped; or the baby may not be positioned optimally for birth. While each of these concerns is viable, there are natural measures to take that may prevent any or all of them, and chiropractic care is one of those options.

Dr. Ohm shared her clinical observations and evidence-based research regarding chiropractic care for pregnant women with respect to each of the three concerns. Through regular checks of sacral and pelvic alignment and specific adjustments, normal physiologic function may be restored. Nerve system stress is reduced, enhancing function of all muscles including the uterus. Proprioception and normal muscle tone is restored. Pelvic balance is optimized allowing for maximum space. Any aberrant tension on the uterus may eliminated, and the baby has the optimal environment to assume the best possible position for birth.

As stated before, I had three very different pregnancies and birthing experiences. This seminar reminded me that each one was exactly as it needed to be, and I see now that each one provides opportunities to share with my patients some of the do’s and don’ts on a personal level. One of the best choices I made for each pregnancy was to find a chiropractor who worked with me throughout pregnancy and helped me find the resources to make informed health choices. In order to maintain our power throughout motherhood, we must remain educated, and to perform at our best each day, we need our nervous system--our body’s power system--functioning without interference.

Thank you, Dr. Ohm, for the inspirational learning experience. I cried and laughed and connected to my power as a mother and chiropractor.  Thank you for encouraging the healing process to continue for myself and through me for others.

Thank you, Dr. Rubin, for the opportunity to learn from you on a daily basis. I have learned more from my internship experience at Rubin Family Chiropractic than I imagined possible. “It takes a village” to grow families, and I am grateful you welcomed me into yours to serve your patients. I look forward to taking all that you have taught and sharing it with my own village.

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