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Just bought a car what?

Posted: October 24, 2018
By: Dr. Drew Rubin & Lysander Bore

Car seat safety and infant carrying is one of those things that don’t come in a crash course for parenting. That’s why we want to help parents feel more secure strapping a car seat and thereby have your baby safe and mom’s back healthy. According to a 2008 study, published in Pediatrics, the center rear seat is 43% safer than the rear side positions. This study was done mainly on children from 0-to-3 year old on a rear-facing car seat1. The most common location to place the car seat in the rear passenger side, because it may be easier for parents reach around if need be. You may also think, “What if I have more than one child?”  Since the center seated, rear facing car seat is the safest, put the newborn or the smallest member of the family in the center.

Now, carrying with a car seat is another topic we’d like to talk about.  Here are a few recommendations for moms carrying car seat to better help their posture. Dr. Puente, a fellow chiropractor, has a simple and efficient method for moms:

1) Turn the car seat so your baby is facing you, 2) Loop your arm that’s directly next to the car seat through the handle so the handle rests on the inside of your elbow, and 3) Twist your hand so it’s facing away from your body, and use it to support the car seat underneath the handle. If this doesn’t fit you, another way is to carry in the center, as close as possible to your core and body, like you’d carry a laundry basket. There is also a third method, an over the shoulder strap that helps with the weight distribution. Some brands sell their own straps and others, like Cocobelt, make straps that fit any car seat make and model. All of this, along with chiropractic care, will help improve your posture and make your life better and easier so you can take care of your loved ones.


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