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Pediatric ankle injuries and chiropractic

Posted: April 24, 2024
By: Dr Rubin & Snaedis Logadottir

Pediatric athletes that are involved in high velocity sports, frequently encounter ankle problems and sprains. This blog post will examine two case studies to illustrate the potential effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in addressing these issues. Traditional care methods, including rest, ice, compression, elevation, and rehabilitation exercises, often fall short in resolving persistent symptoms such as pain, weakness, and instability. Chiropractic management utilizes manual techniques to realign the ankle joint, reduce inflammation, and restore proper ranges of motion. The articles highlight chiropractic interventions in addressing persistent post-sprain concerns and facilitating young athletes' return to sports activities.

One of the studies presented A 15-year-old male patient that presented with persistent ankle pain and limited ranges of motion due to an inversion sprain while playing soccer. The incident happened approximately 8.5 months prior. The athlete sought chiropractic care and the management included adjustments and education on home exercises and stretching to improve ankle dorsiflexion. After 4 visits, the athlete showed significant symptom relief and returned to full athletic participation. There was a follow-up evaluation at 5 months which revealed no pain or functional complaints.

The second article discusses the case of a 16-year-old female soccer player experiencing ankle pain for 3 weeks which was exacerbated by running. From a young age she had gait difficulties and foot flare which were still present upon examination. Detailed history-taking and examination revealed multiple contributing factors, including biomechanical abnormalities, and muscular imbalances. Treatment involved chiropractic adjustments of both the spine and extremities, and some functional rehabilitation. Over seven weeks, the patient showed significant improvement in pain levels, had a 10 degree decrease in foot flare and was able to return to play without discomfort.

Chiropractic works for athletes young and old, weekend warriors or Super Bowl level professionals!  Make sure you find a chiropractor that is sports certified!


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