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Five Ways to Combat Allergies This Season

Posted: May 3, 2013
By: Dr. Drew Rubin

Spring has sprung, bringing with it allergy season!  It's as if the pollen fairy arrived overnight leaving her yellowy dust on everythingand I mean everything.  Since it is only the beginning, we must make sure our bodies are armed and ready to defend against the allergens in our midst. 
Are you ready?  Here are seven ways to help you combat allergies this season:

1.     1.  Get checked by your Chiropractor!  Did you know that getting adjusted helps to boost your immune system?  Your nervous system and immune system work very closely together to create optimal responses and adaptations.  By getting your spine checked and adjusted, you will ensure that your body will be better prepared for the allergens you face.  Check out more on chiropractic and your immune system here:    
2.    2.   Eat local honey.  Did you know that local honey may contain pollen specific to your region?  By consuming as small as a spoonful a day you can help build your immunity against local allergen irritants. (Caution: some people have severe allergies to honey, so be careful. Also do not give honey to children under the age of 2).  Read more on local honey and allergies here:  
3.      3. Eat more garlic.  Did you know that garlic has a natural antihistamine effect on the body?  It helps to reduce watery eyes and runny noses associated with allergies.  Plus, it tastes great, too!  Learn more on garlic and seasonal allergies here:

4.      4. Use cold chamomile tea bags on your eyes.  Did you know that chamomile tea is not only a tasty drink, but can also help relieve itchy dry eyes?  Try placing a cold tea bag on your eyes for five minutes.  Enjoy the relief!  Read more on chamomile tea here:

5.     5.  Season your food with thyme.  Did you know that thyme can actually reduce the amount of phlegm produced?  Next time you are cooking your organic fish and are looking for a new way to add flavor, dash some thyme on top before baking.  Dont want to season with it?  Then, try drinking thyme tea (with your local honey, of course) each morning to get your day started.  Learn more about Thyme and seasonal allergies here:

6.     6.  Try a neti pot/sinus wash.  Yes they are a bit unusual but wow are they effective. Dr Rubin has been using neti pots for years with great success.  He also does not use the salt water version and prefers just plain room temperature water to cleanse the sinuses.  Check out the article about neti pots here:

7.      7. Get rid of dairy.  Dairy products produce tons of phlegm and that's the last thing you need when you are prone to allergies.  Sometimes you can just seasonally eliminate or greatly reduce your dairy intake and get fantastic results.   Especially beware of the cow's milk allergy triad: problems with your (or your kids) stomach, respiratory issues (like allergies and asthma) and skin challenges.  See the website that follows for more details:  
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