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Why is it important for children to have chiropractic care?

Posted: July 26, 2016
By: Emily Barnett

Today I was in charge of creating one of the bulletin boards in the office. The theme Erin and I decided on would revolve around children and chiropractic. The question that resonated with me was, why is it important for children to have chiropractic care? To answer this question in a fun way for families to understand and even for their own children, was through the Minion’s theme:

A “Minion” Reasons to Love Chirokids!

A “minion” reason #1: Chiropractic boosts your immune system. Adjustments provide positive effects on your immunity. When you have a strong immune system as a child it makes for a healthier adulthood, too!

A “minion” reason #2: Chiropractic is safe. Have no fear, chiropractic is here and it's safe! Chiropractic is a healthy choice for all ages, especially children.

A “minion” reason #3: Chiropractic reduces stress. Children can have stress too. Children are under more pressures each year with school and activities. Adjustments have positive effects on children in reducing their stress. 

A “minion” reason #4: Chiropractic can improve posture. Have you ever had a family member, teacher or coach ask you to “sit straight,” or ‘walk with a book on your head to improve your posture?” Chiropractic works to restore the normal function of your spine, which also restores your natural, healthy posture.

A “minion” reason #5: Chiropractic helps with so many issues. Chiropractic adjustments can help with alignments by restoring the body’s natural function, including the respiratory system (like the lungs and sinuses and ears), the gastrointestinal system (for example, the stomach and intestines), and even the nerve system (the brain and spinal cord and spinal nerves).  

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The New Girl Who Knows Nothing about Chiropractic

Posted: July 8, 2016
By: Emily Barnett

My name is Emily Barnett and I am new on staff at Rubin Family Chiropractic. I will be working the front desk and writing weekly blogs about my journey working in a chiropractic office. First thing you should know is that I have zero background experience in chiropractic. Because of this, my blogging journey will be quite entertaining as I learn more about this field and write about it in a way you could understand, if you’re in the same boat as me of course.

I’m very excited about being a part of the team here at Rubin Family Chiropractic. I believe, despite my lack of knowledge in chiropractic, I can provide valuable skills to the office. I’ve had a lot of experience working with children.

In 2012, I accepted an internship at Walt Disney World as a character and parade performer. My time at Disney consisted of being friends with many of your favorite classic Disney characters.  Most importantly, I was friends with Tinkerbell.   I had a magical time meeting and interacting with families from all over the world. My job description not only was to high-five and hug kids for a living, but it was also to bring joy into people’s life.

Currently, I work for a princess company based in Atlanta. I attend birthday parties and corporate events on the weekends. I lead these events as fairytale characters and my events consist of princess lessons, interactive storytelling and sing-along, face painting and balloon animals.

This experience has enabled me to be able to keep children entertained and connect with them on a level that they would understand. I’m looking forward to learning more and sharing all that I have learned as a chiropractic assistant. 

 Emily at Piedmont Park

Impressions of Italy Series- Food

Posted: July 7, 2016
By: Dr. Drew Rubin

This is Part 1 of a multiple part series of blogposts regarding the 'Ah-Ha" moments had in Italy during our 25th wedding anniversary celebration.  Food was a tremendous part of the Italy experience, and Italians REALLY know how to do food!  First off, gluten-free and dairy-free options were EVERYWHERE, in every restaurant.  The phrase "Senza Glutine" (Gluten-free) was on most menus, and walking through especially Florence and Rome, the English words "Gluten-free" were on handwritten signs in many of the hundreds of little cafes we walked by.  We were concerned about being hungry the whole trip, but on the contrary, it is harder to find gluten free options in my travels in North American cities than in Italian cities!  Our incredible Tauck tour guide Andrea even pointed us to the Cremearia, a little hole in the wall place that served Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free and Soy-Free Gelato!  It was a highlight of our trip, to eat this one of a kind treat in front of the 2000+ year old Pantheon!  

Next was the amazing TASTE of the food, especially their fruit and vegetables.  We ate tomatoes every day with every meal...breakfast showcased flavorfull roasted half tomatoes with olive oil and seasoning, lunch featured incredibly delicious and fresh cherry tomatoes, and dinner almost always included some variety of tomato-based sauce. We were eating tomatoes and melon and apples and lettuces like raddichio, endive, arugala, that burst with flavor (like when we were kids).  The food was so fresh and so lovingly prepared and gushing with taste explosions, compared to the same items that here in the States would just be ordinary.  

Why is food so good in Italy?  They don't have 'organic' there because EVERYTHING IS ORGANIC. They don't have Monsanto based agriculture, where food is genetically modified and highly industrialized. They do fresh and organic the way we do pre-packaged and microwaveable.  The reason I am writing this series is to display some of the differences between what they do and what we do, in hopes that we can learn a lesson or two from our Italian friends.  Next in the series will be a post about how Italians view 'time."