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I give his practice my highest recommendation!       -      Thank you for literally changing my life!      -      Life saver!      -      We love Dr. Rubin and his staff!!      -      Grateful for his expertise and personal touch...     -    Super warm and extremely family-friendly    -    Always feel so welcome and loved    -    It's rare to see healers actually walking their talk, and Dr. Rubin does that    

Chirocast- Dr Rubin's Motivational Podcasts- over 200 talks ranging from 8-40+ minutes to fire you up for your day!  Available on iTunes and Stitcher, or load up a sample below.

Just one of the many testimonials we have received about our teaching and the podcast from a former student: 

Hi Dr. Rubin, 

This email is long overdue but I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for everything you taught me while I was in school. I have had so many moments in practice where I knew exactly what to do and what to say because of you. In the last 6 months, I have had a patient with PANDAS, a patient with a chromosome 22 abnormality and a patient’s mom who was asking me if I knew who Dr. Melillo is. In all cases, they were so happy and impressed that I knew exactly what they are talking about. The parents of the child with PANDAS said I was the first doctor who knew what PANDAS was without them having to explain it to the doctor and, because of that, they now have their whole family under care (all 7 of them) and they drive 1.5 hours each way every week to get adjusted. 

The paediatric portion of our practice has exploded in the last month and every time something new comes up, I think "thank goodness I took all of your classes". 

Your classes were hands down the best classes at LIFE and the classes that have been most beneficial to me in practice. Students may think that they will never encounter these rare cases but I can tell you that you do and when you do, you better know what you’re talking about. 

I continue to re-read your lecture notes, listen to your podcasts and I have now ordered all of Dr. Melillo’s books. 

Thanks again,
Dr. Jennifer Y. 

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Dr Rubin's 1 month old podcast made the New and Noteworthy list on iTunes (June 1st, 2016)! Please listen and give us 5 stars and write a review. Help us get the chiropractic lifestyle message out there on a bigger scale.