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The Crooked Face Epidemic

Posted: January 11, 2019
By: Dr. Drew Rubin and Lysander Bo

Go to your nearest mirror and gently examine your face. Is it symmetrical? Are your ears at the same level? Are your eyebrows level? Are your eyes looking straight to the center or does one deviate a little inward or outward? Now, go to your baby/child and look for the same things: is their face symmetrical? This is what Forrest Maready has discussed in his book called “Crooked: Man-made Disease Explained.” He states that having a “crooked” face potentially signifies symptoms that might lead to disorders/diseases that start years earlier due to our constant exposure to toxins in our bodies. Mr. Maready is not the only one that has noticed a change in symmetry in babies and children; here at Rubin Family Chiropractic we have noticed that too.


According to Mr. Maready, some early warning signs might be a crooked smile, droopy frown, having an outward or inward turned eye, partial eye blinking, or droopy face. All of these have to do with dysfunction, to some extent, of the cranial nerves. Research shows that 1 out of 5 children will be born with some sort of neurological problem, and spotting asymmetry in the face maybe one of the first warning signs that the nervous system is not working like its supposed to. At Rubin Family Chiropractic, when we see these asymmetries improve, it shows that it’s a nervous system issue!


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