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Remote Chiropractic? Zoom & Google Classroom

Posted: April 14, 2020
By: Aeriel Green and Dr. Rubin

Are you worried about you and your family leaving your house during this troubling time?  Rubin Family Chiropractic is here for you and your family, and your health and wellness remain valuable to us. Many health professionals are starting to offer telehealth video calls. During this time of uncertainty, Dr. Rubin is offering Zoom video calls to parents of children that are unable to come regularly to our office.  During these video calls, he will be checking primitive reflexes by having the parent or guardian perform the test and watching the response of the child. Dr. Rubin will then explain exercises for you to do at home during this time, that will help the child’s brain and nerve system stay strong between adjustments. Please call or email the office to set up a time for a Zoom video call.

Also, Dr. Rubin has developed a Google Classroom, that has videos of the most common exercises he recommends. This tools has been invaluable for patients and their kids to recall and refresh exactly how neurologically based exercises should be done.  It is available for the asking for patients of Rubin Family Chiropractic.  

Pandemic or not, the use of Zoom and Google Classroom are just 2 ways showing how we are keeping ahead of the curve.

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