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The New Drugless Revolution

Posted: August 1, 2011
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
There's a different way to live. You don't have to live the life of sickness but you do have to take proactive action steps toward health. Patients are coming to our chiropractic office stating "I don't want to be on these painkillers anymore", or "Johnny has had 4 rounds of antibiotics in the last 6 months and I HATE doing that to him." People are tired of relying on this pill or that pill for the quick fix. They are becoming patients not only to feel better in the short run but to LIVE BETTER in the long run. A 50 year old came in today and said, "I am proud that I am not taking any drugs at all at age 50." That's the way it SHOULD be. But we know the stats.
Our son has NEVER had any drugs in his body, not even a baby Tylenol. How many 16 year olds can say that? And my wife and I have not taken any drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter, since 1992. Almost 20 years drug free. Contrast that with these stats: almost 50% of Americans are taking at least 1 drug/day, and 25-30% of US children are taking drugs daily for chronic conditions. The cost to Americans per year is $300 billion, which is $3,000,000,000 (National Center for Health Statistics).
It's time to take a stand. Yes, drugs work great in emergencies and in chronic situations. But that's NOT what most drugs are being taken for. Top drugs such as cholesterol drugs (which may be diet related), antidepressants (which may be stress related), stomach drugs (which may be diet and stress related), and antibiotics (which may be diet and lifestyle related) can be reduced overnight if more people band together and just say no. We need to start a New Drugless Revolution. We need to take action steps so that a 50 year old not taking any drugs is normal not outstanding. Let us know what you think at
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