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Posted: November 22, 2016
By: Dr. Rubin

Bongiorno!  This is the awe inspiring Trevi Fountain in Rome. There's something very magical about this place, that is indescribable. Even though there were hundreds of people surrounding this fountain, the aura around it was like being enveloped in the sweet sound of the ocean. Listen to the brief video and experience it yourself!

Now a little history about why this place is so perfect through a chiropractic perspective!  In the picture above the video, notice the 2 figures in the wall to the left and right of Oceanus.  The figure to the left of Oceanus is Abundance, with the vase overflowing at her feet.  The right figure is Health, holding a spear pointing upwards.   Water flows continuously, abundantly, all the time, never stopping.  The ocean waves that crash each morning do so in the afternoon, evening and night too.  We need to tap into this strength, this abundance, to exhibit the best version of ourselves.   

The central figure, Oceanus, represents Wisdom and Power.  So at the Trevi Fountain you have Wisdom and Power flanked by Abundance and Health.  No wonder so many find Trevi so peaceful and rejuvenating!  Having just returned from speaking in Italy and seeing this magnificent fountain, we were reminded about how grateful we are, and appreciate that the holiday of Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  Grazie!  

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