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‘Text Neck Syndrome’ and Adolescents on the Rise

Posted: February 27, 2024
By: Dr. Rubin & Mariah Wenglewski

            Typically, neck pain and headaches are considered a complaint that brings adults into a practitioner’s office, especially chiropractic offices. However, recently, there has been a shift of patient population entering chiropractic offices for such complaints. What is a common denominator in a rise of neck pain and headaches? Many factors play a role in this shift; however, it is hard to overlook the obvious: Text Neck Syndrome. Text Neck Syndrome is a recent phenomenon due to improper and overuse of technological devices such as iPads, cell phones, and laptops. Though this is common in adulthood due to poor working ergonomics, there is a rise in text neck development through the increasing use of technology in young and growing children.

            Today’s environment is a world of technology that children cannot get enough of if exposed to it. If we take a second to look around a crowded room, we can see the commonality amongst the population; most are looking down at some form of devices. So, why does this matter? If the natural, healthy forward curve of our neck bones are not maintained, it will disappear. And why is that important? How does this affect my child? Without the maintenance of normal spinal function, changes begin to take place such as degeneration and muscle tightness. Remember- the spine houses one of our favorite systems, the nervous system.

            When degeneration occurs, it is difficult to reverse. Degeneration is a permanent form of misalignment and aging of the spine, further causing irritation to the communication of the brain and body that happens via the nerves. More importantly, degeneration in the neck (due to Text Neck) is the closest area of the spine to the brain. Thus, the body’s alarm system begins to sound, leading to physiological symptoms such as headaches, possible dizziness, and of course neck pain.

            In a child that is still developing, these changes can lead to complications scholastically, behaviorally, and ultimately irreversible spinal changes. Though screen time is not recommended in a developing child, proper ergonomics can help facilitate a healthier spine! Rather than your child sitting in a chair playing games or scrolling, have them rest on their stomachs to encourage a healthy curve in the cervical spine! If lying prone is not an option, consider expressing the importance of lifting the device to eye level to avoid the forward bending. Limit screen time when necessary to decrease the poor positioning if not able to reach these ergonomics.

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