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Everything Matters

Posted: November 24, 2010
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
My wife and I believe that one of the most important qualities that create a successful anything, be it a relationship, a business, a family, falls into one 2 word idea. It is NOT: Anything goes. It is: EVERYTHING MATTERS.
Everything you think, say and do matters. Whether you are on the grocery line or at the bank, with your patients or your kids, on the phone or driving or whatever, it ALL MATTERS. I enjoy the thought that I heard a few years ago, that you should live your life as if there is a video camera that follows you around. You don't want to put anything on film that could cause a problem later. Everything matters.
I think this is the problem with the world today. Imagine if before we think, say or do ANYTHING, we thought about it first. And thought about what the long term ramifications of this comment or this action might be? The world would be a much better place.
This Thanksgiving season, think about doing a little more than is expected. Especially if shopping on Black Friday. Hold open the door. Give an extra complement. Smile more. Show someone special how much you love them by your actions not necessarily your expenditure. Give for the sake of giving. Surprise your spouse or partner. Share the most valuable gift you can with someone, your undivided attention. Time is our most precious commodity. Enjoy the holidays more this year than ever. Make it matter.
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