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Choose Life Chapter 2

Posted: October 7, 2008
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
Choose Life Chapter 2

The Farmer in You

The actions you take in your life will be determined by the thoughts you have. One of the most dangerous thoughts is to keep on doing what you are doing, expecting different results. As the old saying goes, "If you keep on doing what you're doing, youll keep on getting what you are getting! If you want something different, then you have to do something different!

For example, say you were a farmer and you wanted to plant corn. You wouldn't wait until the end of August then and say "Okay, I'll plant corn now, and in a few days, I'll have a full crop?" It is not possible to plant seeds today and reap the harvest in a week. Also, if we desire to grow corn, we must plant corn seed, not tomato seeds. If we sow tomato seeds, then we are going to get tomatoes, no matter how much we want to pick corn come harvest time.

Nor would you plant corn seed and think, "I'll just let the corn grow all by itself. I won't weed it, water it or fertilize it. See you in the fall." What would this sort of action, or inaction, produce? The weeds will take your garden! Remember that: if you dont make a plan for your life, someone else will. This is so important that it bears repeatingleft to its own, the weeds will take your garden! Action is the key to results!

Zig Ziglar paraphrases the Bible when he states, As you sow, so also shall you reap. It is time for us to take responsibility for our actions and our thoughts. If you focus on what you dont want, I guarantee that you will end up with what you dont want! On the contrary, if you focus on what you do want, then chances are far more likely that you will end up with what you do want!

Stinking Thinking

Why do so many of us fall into the trap of focusing our attention on what we do not desire? Is your focus on how fat you are, or how eating a new way will bring you that much closer to being thinner? Is your attention on how poorly your child is doing in math, rather than how well he is doing in all his other subjects? Is your mind on how broke you are and how you have more month than money, or how you are going to start cutting up your credit cards, and saving 5% of your income every week to start your abundance account? What are your dominant thoughts on? If they are on fat, poor grades, and lack of money, that you will keep on receiving fat, poor grades, and lack of money. The answer: you switch your thoughts, even in mid-sentence, even if you have to catch yourself and yell cancel, cancel and bite your tongue or pinch yourself. Change from the negative thought of lack to the positive, attractive ideas of abundance, and you can free yourself from the trap of stinking thinking, (another Zig Ziglar saying).

That which you think about comes about. If you want to lose a few, or a lot, of pounds, the worst thing to say to yourself over and over again is "I'm so fat. Everything I eat turns to fat. This will never work. This next bite will go right to my hips." Guess what, you will prove yourself right. If you want to lose weight and you focus on your bulges, guess what you will get more of? More fat. That which you think about comes about.

Likewise, if you want to make more money but you focus on how you cant pay your bills or how broke you always are and how you are never getting ahead, you will get more of not being able to pay the bills. That which you focus on comes about, in either direction. Thats right if you think about what you want, you will get what you want. If you think about what you dont want, you will get what you dont want. Might as well think about what you want!

Creating Your Field of Dreams

Remember the movie, Field of Dreams? The immortal line from Kevin Costner that is so applicable at this juncture is, If you build it, they will come. That doesnt mean just build it physically and sit there and wait for success to happen. That means build it physically and then work on it, both in your positive mental attitude and on the streets. When you think positive about something, there is an energy that is formed around this thought that produces more of the same thoughts, and attracts other people who like that kind of thought. The field of dreams is truly your fertile mind, which is connected to every other mind in what quantum scientists call the field of possibilities. When you enter into this field by positive thoughts, it is the equivalent of turning on a giant magnet that will attract to you more of your desire.

When you are negative and pessimistic, just the opposite occurs. You turn off this awesome connection with the infinite, and will actually repel what you want since your dominant thought is on what you dont want. So the attractive magnet is either on and sucking things in to you like a magical vortex, or off and repulsing things away from you like a skunk in a crowded subway station.

What thoughts are you planting in your head, the fertile ground of your mind? The farmer knows if you plant nothing, you will harvest nothing. Hence, you've got to plant something, and it might as well be something you want, not something you don't want.

Why not tend to your farm? What else do you really have to do if you are a farmer, (and all of us are farmers, we are all thought farmers and action farmers)? Your mind is the most fertile soil there is, so plant something there that you want to grow, tend to it and watch your fields become white with harvest, (a saying from Dr. Sid Williams).

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