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Childhood Neurological Disorders and Chiropractic by Alicia Braddy, student intern

Posted: March 3, 2014
By: Dr. Drew Rubin
          Parents eagerly await milestones in their childs life, such as saying their first words and taking their first steps.  Sadly, it is during these expected moments of celebration some parents experience a gut feeling that something isnt quite right.  It may be the childs reaction to certain noises or sensitivity to light that clues the parent in that their concern is not unfounded. They may even notice their child is not emotionally engaged or is extremely clumsy. Moving forward and giving their child much needed encouragement and support, parents are often comforted by the notion their child will grow out of it.
            The shocking rise in statistics tells another story. More and more children are affected with neurological disorders that prevent them from being able to interact with the world as we know it. These children struggle with daily activities such as social interaction, motor skills, and even appropriate emotional reactions.  Their brain is unable to function as needed.
            Each of us has a brain that is divided into two hemispheres.  Both sides of the brain should grow and develop at the same rate.  When one side of the brain grows slower than the other side, problems of communication arise. It would be similar to a 2 year old trying to talk with an 8 year old.  As you could imagine, this is quite difficult and frustrating.
            Families are searching desperately for solutions that extend past medicating their child.  What once seemed like a glimmer of hope is now giving families the opportunity to experience joys such as their child maintaining eye contact, walking, or learning how to read.  Chiropractic, nutrition, and neurological exercises are undeniably helping children function better. 
Chiropractic adjustments directly impact the nervous system with includes the brain and spinal cord.  An adjustment is a gentle force or sustained contact that corrects an area of the spine that is not functioning properly.  This allows the information going to and away from the brain to be transmitted as needed.

At Rubin Family Chiropractic, it is our mission to serve this special population of children for they are very near and dear to our hearts.  If you suspect your child or someone you know may have a similar disability, please get their spine checked today! It is essential to help their brain function and communicate as needed.  
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