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Never forget 9/11

    I know I may be stepping on dangerous ground, but I think that the terrorists of 9/11 were subluxated.  Their nerve systems were way disconnected.  Why?  Because when you are sick and subluxated, you make sick and subluxated decisions.

    Let's take it one step further.  I'm sure the 2 boys from Columbine High School in Colorado who injured and killed multiple people one awful day were also subluxated.  There's no way young boys would have come up with such an elaborate plan of destruction and then carried it out the way they did if they were subluxation-free. They were also on psycho-pharmacolgical drugs whose side effects include homicidal and suicidal thinking! Same with the Virgina Tech killer, subluxated and on psycho-pharmacolgical drugs.

The list goes on and on. What about the Newton Elementary killer?  The Paris killers?  The San Bernadino killer? The Orlando killer?  Every year, more and more innocent people are gunned down by sick and subluxated people.  

    Do you believe this?  Maybe you don't.  But look at chiropractic patients.  What is the average patient profile?  Aren't they, (overall), happier, healthier, living drug-free, subluxation-free lives?  Don't you see less divorces, less crime, less sickness, and less aggression in chiropractic patients than in the average person?  Think about it.

     Interesting facts:  When the masses of people were running down the stairs of the Twin Towers, who was running up?  The firefighters and the police!   And who took care of them, for free, after the Towers crumbled, during the 6 month clean-up operation? That's right: chiropractors!  From across the country they came, volunteering their time, energy, and effort, to help the rescue workers at no charge.  Read the story here:

    My solution is this:  We need a subluxation-free world.  We need to paratroop some chiropractors into Kosovo and into Iraq and into China and get every world leaded adjusted.  Kosovo and the Middle East don't need more NATO troops, they just need a few brave chiropractors.

    And then, we need to take chiropractic to the streets.  First the streets of the USA.  And especially get the kids adjusted.  They are the ones who are the future leaders, and the ones responsible for so much of the violence and hatred going on in schools these days.  They are also the ones snorting and shooting up drugs for a momentary high and having sex at a young age because that one moment is the only good thing that they may feel.

    It's time to get the world adjusted.  We chiropractors have been trying for 120+ years to get the world under care, and honestly, after that many years, seeing only 10% of the population, mostly for back pain, isn't all that impressive.  Why?  Because even though we talk about "above-down-inside-out", we are trying to get patients into our doors using outside-in approaches.  We are trying to push people into our offices by telemarketing, direct marketing, screenings, lectures. etc. which are all good, but are ineffective if we want our message to reach the masses.  For something to really work, we need to pull them in... pull them in as if a magnetic force were in our doorways and they could not resist... they just had to come in.  All the marketing we do for ourselves is certainly helpful, for ourselves.  What we need is something on a national level, an international level, on a global level, something that has never been done before.  What is that something?  It will materialize, when the time is ready.  As it has been said, 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'  Are we ready, chiropractic?

    Can we adjust the world?  Can we have a subluxation-free planet?  I think so.  How about you?