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Parents of special need kids: Read This!

Autism, ASD, ADHD, LD, SPD and the list goes on ....
This is known as "Pediatric Alphabet Soup." So many of our children are diagnosed today with significant conditions that have life-long impact. It is time to learn about alternative options to assess your special needs child and provide interventions that you have never heard of before. A child whose brain, nerve system and spinal system aren't working in harmony have been referred to in research as "disconnected."
As a Pediatric Chiropractic specialist, our office will determine if your child has any retained primitive reflexes. Primitive reflexes are inborn in every baby. However, these primitive reflexes should disappear by six months to one year of age in all children. In many cases of kids with neurological issues, these reflexes are retained (or don't go away like they are supposed to), and that causes a challenge in processing speeds from one side of the brain to the other. Imagine if your Intel dual core i3 laptop had one core working at 3 Hz and the other core working at 1 Hz? In our office, we assess each child for these retained primitive reflexes, seeking to uncover any brain imbalances or disconnections to help the child become reconnected.
In order to help reconnect a child, we must assess their nervous system function and how their brain communicates with their rest of their body. These children exhibit neurological issues and therefore need to be assessed using functional neurology, which examines their brain functioning from both hemispheres to ensure proper nerve communication. Additionally, many children are eating foods, even potentially good or healthy foods, that are wreaking havoc on their nerve system, immune system and gastrointestinal system (stomach). Nutrition and exercises will be recommended that relate to the child's specific issues (based on the most updated research) and will include suggestions to improve brain functioning. As a pediatric specialist, our office uses only the gentlest adjustments specifically designed to help these special needs kids, such as Network, Bioenergetics (BEST), Activator, Cranial, and many others.
As a board certified pediatric chiropractic specialist and international speaker on chiropractic pediatrics, it is been my honor and pleasure to work with kids with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, learning disabilities and sensory processing disorders and watch incredible strides and gains take place. If you haven't tried pediatric chiropractic, you haven't tried everything. Contact us to find out more....