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I give his practice my highest recommendation!       -      Thank you for literally changing my life!      -      Life saver!      -      We love Dr. Rubin and his staff!!      -      Grateful for his expertise and personal touch...     -    Super warm and extremely family-friendly    -    Always feel so welcome and loved    -    It's rare to see healers actually walking their talk, and Dr. Rubin does that    

About Our Marietta/East Cobb Office

Chiropractic is Living at 100%

Dr. Rubin - East Cobb Chiropractor

    We are the premeire pediatric, family and pregnancy chiropractic office in Metro Atlanta.  Dr. Drew Rubin has 26 years of experience serving kids of all ages who have a range of issues, from infants with colic, reflux and nursing issues to Autism and ADHD.  Pregnant women come here often to experience the best possible pregnancy and birth as well as asking for the specific Webster technique (Dr. Rubin had Dr. Webster as his teacher and mentor!).  And entire families love coming here for the warm, friendly service and to experience optimum health and performance.  We help you take 'Wellness' to a whole new level!

Chiropractic works with the master communication system of the body, (the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves going out of the spine).

     If nothing is blocking this system, then the body works at its fullest potential.  If, however, a spinal bone moves out of alignment, it interferes with the transmission of mental impulses from the brain to the body.  This blockage is called a subluxation.

     A Chiropractor finds the spinal bones that are not in alignment and gently, with his hands or with the Activator adjusting instrument, moves the bones back in alignment.  Then the master communication system is restored to 100% of its potential.

     The Chiropractor's job is NOT to remove pain or make you "feel" better.  The true job of a Chiropractor is to allow you to live as close to 100% as possible.  If you are living at anything less, then you cannot "be all that you can be."

     What does Chiropractic cure?  What conditions do they treat?  Chiropractors don't cure or treat anything!  We correct spinal subluxations, ALLOWING THE POWER THAT MADE THE BODY TO HEAL THE BODY.  So, Chiropractic is good for EVERYONE, from infants to teenagers to college students to parents to grandparents.  ANYONE WHO HAS A SUBLUXATION IS BETTER OFF WITH OUT ONE

     Congratulations on taking a step towards better health.  Turn on your life force... with Chiropractic.

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