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Asthma Article

            I know this may sound new to you, but it seems to me that the traditional approach to asthma isn’t working.  I can vouch for that, having had horrible asthma and allergies from ages 5 – 20.  Then something very unusual and unexpected happened.  Someone asked me these questions?  “Do we breathe the same air?  If we do, then how come you have asthma and allergies and I don’t?”  Good question, huh?  It rocked my old way of thinking.  I replied, “But it’s the pollen, the mold, the dust, etc…” He said, “If that’s true, then how come everybody who breathes in the pollen doesn’t get an asthma attack?  Maybe it’s your bodies’ response to the pollen!  The real question to ask yourself is: Why is my body responding inappropriately to something in the air and others are not?”


            Another insight about asthma, relates to Christopher Reeves, aka. Superman.  Can Christopher Reeves move his legs or his arms? No…because he broke his neck.  But here’s the clincher…can he breathe on his own?  No, but did he hurt his lungs?  No, he broke HIS NECK.  The respiratory control center is located just under the skull in the upper spinal cord.  So, if you cut the spinal cord, you can’t breathe at all.  What happens if there is pressure on the spinal cord in the area of the respiratory control center.  Now you can’t breathe, sometimes.  And that, Mrs. Yates, is very often what happens with kids (and adults) with asthma. 


            I should know.  I had my last asthma attack in 1984, 3 months after starting care under a wonderful chiropractor. He released the nerve in my neck that was not allowing my lungs to work at 100%.   I am finally able to say that I am alive now longer without asthma than I was with it.  And let me tell you, I was one drugged out kid, 6-8 pills per day, daily puffing on inhalers and nebulizers, weekly visits to doctors, including weekly allergy shots for 15 years.  Then this chiropractor asked me, “Are you satisfied with the current direction of your health?”  Of course I answered no.  Then he said to me this sentence that changed my  life: “I guarantee you that if you keep on doing what you are doing, you’ll keep on getting what you are getting.  Want different results?  Then do something different!”


            I know chiropractic for children may sound somewhat unorthodox, but coming from someone who drowned in prescription drugs for 15 years and now is free of them, I am suggesting to you that there is another way.  I wish someone told my parents about a chiropractor when I was a small child.  Then I wouldn’t have had to suffer the way I did for so long.  Yes, modern medicine is a miracle during the crisis, but why do the attacks keep coming back?  The drugs are great for emergencies but they aren’t fixing anything.

Chiropractic doesn’t fix anything either, it just made my body and the bodies’ of hundreds of other kids work better.  It really is as simple as that.


            I am totally detached from whether or not you decide to pursue other options for your grandson or include this article in your ‘letters to the editor’ page.  I wrote this because I had to, because asthma does not need to be the number 1 cause of hospitalizations of kids under 15.  This can be a crossroads for you and your grandson.

There is another way, it is “the road less traveled.”  But it can change your life.  And his too, like it changed mine.


            Thanks for the opportunity to serve.



                                                            Dr. Drew Rubin

                                                            Breathing freely without meds since 1984