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EXPANDED HOURS : We are open every MWF from 9-12:30 & 3-6:30, and Saturdays from 8:30-12:30 with Dr Richard Cohen.  Saturday schedule: April 2014: all Saturdays open except April 12.

PEDIATRIC CHIROPRACTIC - Board certified diplomate in pediatrics

EXPERIENCE - Private practice since 1989.  Faculty at Life University & published author in peer reviewed journals since 2001. Speaker for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

PREGNANCY & THE WEBSTER TECHNIQUE - Certified in Webster's technique and gentle care

CRANIAL ADJUSTING TECHNIQUE - Helps babies with cranial and suture problems such as plagiocephaly and facial asymmetry, as well as with tongue and lip tie

NURSING/LATCHING ISSUES, COLIC/REFLUX : Cutting edge work for newborns and infants with these challenging problems

GENTLE ADJUSTING - Advanced proficiency rated in the ACTIVATOR technique

NEUROBEHAVIORAL & NEURODEVELOPMENTAL PROBLEMS - Help for kids with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism & Sensory Processing problems, combining chiropractic with nutrition and functional neurology exercises

ADJUSTMENTS TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS- We specialize in Activator technique (low force), Network-based care (non-force) and gentle traditional manual adjusting. 

SPORTS INJURY - Certified sports chiropractor, with emphasis on extremity injuries

CONVENIENT LOCATION - Minutes from 285 and 75, in East Cobb, Marietta, Atlanta, Georgia, 30067

AFFORDABLE - We are Preferred Chiropractic Doctor providers, which allows patients to receive the care they need at a price they can afford.  This is really effective for entire families under care

GREAT REVIEWS - Check them out at the Rubin Family Chiropractic site on google maps, or on our testimonials page (see link above the You tube video).

MASSAGE:   Our massage therapist Avonlea does great work on adults and has a sub-speciality in kids with Autism and Cancer.  Book a 1/2 hour, hour or 1.5 hour massage today (1/2 only for children)


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Bedwetting Helped with Chiropractic - A Case Study
Bedwetting Helped with Chiropractic - A Case Study
The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health, published a study on Dec. 23, 2013, documenting the case of chiropractic helping with childhood nocturnal enuresis, more commonly referred to as bedwetting. . . .
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Reduction of a Lumbar Scoliosis & Improved Cervical Curve
Reduction of a Lumbar Scoliosis & Improved Cervical Curve
Published in the June 10, 2013, issue of the scientific journal, Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, is a documented case study of improvement in lumbar scoliosis, and cervical curve under chiropractic care. The authors note that between 2.5 and 15 percent of the adult population has scoliosis. . . .
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Headaches and Chiropractic
Headaches and Chiropractic
The title above is from a release by the American Chiropractic Association on August 2, 2013, that appeared in several news outlets including the American News. The release, and several associated news articles discuss how chiropractic helps people who suffer from headaches. . . .
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Medical Research Journal Publishes Study Showing Benefits of Chiropractic for Back Pain
Medical Research Journal Publishes Study Showing Benefits of Chiropractic for Back Pain
The medical research journal Spine, published a report on April 15, 2013 titled, "Adding Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy to Standard Medical Care for Patients With Acute Low Back Pain: Results of a Pragmatic Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Study." The study was conducted on military . . .
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