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I give his practice my highest recommendation!       -      Thank you for literally changing my life!      -      Life saver!      -      We love Dr. Rubin and his staff!!      -      Grateful for his expertise and personal touch...     -    Super warm and extremely family-friendly    -    Always feel so welcome and loved    -    It's rare to see healers actually walking their talk, and Dr. Rubin does that    

Individual Counseling | Couples Counseling

Dr. Lisa Rubin Marietta Psychologist and Counselor

We are committed to the process of individual´s removing labels assigned to them by society.  We focus on motivational and transformational change. Many clients seek our services to address alternative life choices. Dr Lisa Rubin has worked with individual´s seeking support and empowerment on alternative lifestyle topics such as homebirth, attachment parenting, extended nursing, family bed, raising healthy kids, and homeschooling, among many other possibilities. She also works with couples who want to improve and empower their communication in their relationships. Dr Rubin helps with guidance of children and adults who want to recieve academic accommodations in their school environments.  She is a Director of the Student Success Center at a local university for the past 16+ years, as well as faculty teaching 2 required psychology classes to hundreds of students every year.

Dr.  Lisa E. Rubin has the following qualifications and licenses:

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)   
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Master's (MA) in psychology
  • Board Certified Professional Counselor from the American Psychotherapy Association (BCPC)
  • Diplomate from the American Psychotherapy Association (DAPA)
  • Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association (FAPA)
  • Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS)
  • Director of Counseling and Disability Services at a local university
  • Adjunct faculty member teaching doctorate level student's their required psychology courses for 15+ years
  • Published research in peer reviewed journals since the 1980's

Dr Lisa shares an office space with her husband of 25+ years, Dr. Drew Rubin, who is a chiropractor and runs Rubin Family Chiropractic with a specialization in pediatrics and pregnancy. They work together to change and transform lives.

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It's time for a change!

Call 770-937-6300 and ask for Dr. Lisa Rubin.  

**Please be aware that insurance is not currently accepted.   Dr Lisa Rubin's current availability for appointments are as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:00pm only.  Some Saturday morning appointmenrts may be available.

*** Please be aware that if this is an emergency, please contact the police at 911.  Ridgeview Psychiatric Institute Access Center is available 24/7 for crisis evaluation.

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