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Anthrax, Smallpox vs. Natural Immunity

Everyday there is a headline in the newspapers regarding vaccines.  Let us examine the vaccine hysteria that the media created about Anthrax and Smallpox, for example, and then counter it with some logic and facts. 

Very few people have died from Anthrax since the reports of Anthrax in the mail started.  Consider the fact that the US Postal Service delivers over 680 MILLION PIECES OF MAIL/DAY, and you realize that this is an attack on the United States TO CAUSE FEAR, not to cause significant physical harm. 

Worse would be the devasting side effects if the government went on an all out campaign to vaccinate everyone in the country with anthrax and smallpox.  The numbers of adults and especially children that would be injured or even die would be staggering.  One report even stated that the smallpox vaccination ITSELF would cause 1000’s of deaths and 10’s of 1000’s of injuries.  Whoever is responsible for the present Anthrax deaths would be very happy watching our own medical system cause serious injuries or deaths due to the vaccines rather than the disease itself!

The idea of deciding to reintroduce vaccinating for smallpox in 2001 came from a news report early after the 1st anthrax case.  It stated that the 4 top biochemical warfare agents are: anthrax, smallpox, plague, and botulism.  That’s all the media needed to hear.  There are no plague vaccines (thankfully) and no botulism vaccine (although they are working on that).  So logically in the media’s mind, what can they use to sell more newspapers but: MORE FEAR!  Hence they capitalized on that early article and started suggesting that the US should reintroduce the smallpox vaccination program.  The mass inoculation program for smallpox stopped in 1974.  It was even then considered the most lethal of all the vaccines, responsible for more vaccine-related deaths and injuries than any other vaccine. 

Another fact to consider is the availability of the Anthrax and Smallpox vaccines themselves.  The anthrax vaccine is currently unavailable, because the only company that makes it is involved in a massive lawsuit.  The company has to weed through lists of complaints about the health and sanitary conditions of its facility.  If the government wanted to mass vaccinate the population with the Anthrax vaccine, it is not available (except for military use, which has it’s own stockpile). 

The smallpox vaccine is even more disturbing.  The US has only 30 million doses of smallpox vaccine available, and they are all 30 years old.  The smallpox vaccine is bad enough, being made from animal products and then stabilized most likely with formaldehyde and thimerosal, a mercury derivative.  That is dangerous enough, but add to that toxic dose 30 years of sitting and fermenting on a shelf; who knows what it might be growing inside of those tubes? 

What is the best way to protect ourselves?  By creating a super immunity within our own fortress, our bodies.  We don’t create a strong immunity by eating fast food hamburgers, candy bars, and diet sodas.  We don’t create a super strong immune system by considering exercise the evenings fight over the DISH network channel controls.  We don’t create the immune system that you need to avoid anthrax and anything else that comes your way by having a nerve system that is not functioning at 100% of its potential. So how do we supercharge our immune system?  By eating great food (which you can buy at Life Grocery every week), by getting regular exercise (at least 3 days a week, 20 minutes per session), and by regular checkups of your nerve system by a chiropractor.  Research by Dr. Ron Pero has shown that chiropractic patients are twice as healthy than the healthiest people on the planet.  Another study compared children of chiropractors to children of medical doctors, and the chiropractic children were at least twice as healthy as the medical kids.

Regular exercise, proper diet and chiropractic:  do those 3 and that would put you in the top 3% of the nation in terms of your health.  Don’t you deserve to be in the best shape you can be in?  If you don’t, who will do it for you?  Call 770-937-6300 and find out how to integrate this lifestyle into your life. 

Dr. Drew Rubin